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Crystal River Fishing

Top Tips For Sneaking Up On Shallow Water Species

By January 2, 20232 Comments
a fisherman holding a good sized seatrout while on a crystal river fishing charter

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by Eric Bonneman

The thrill of stalking your prey in shallow waters is an unmatchable experience for any ardent inshore fisherman. With a keen eye, stealthy approach, and precise casts, you can sneak up on these shallows’ unsuspecting inhabitants and score impressive catches more often than not. I want to give anglers tips to help them capitalize on this technique when fishing in shallows by exploring the ideal methods of sneaking up on shallow water fish.

Shallow Water Fishing In Crystal River

In Crystal River, Fl, local fishermen know how to shallow-water fish like the back of their hand. What makes this area unique is its historically shallow coastline brought in by the everchanging winter tides. Because of this, some pockets get extraordinarily shallow and can only be navigated safely with a kayak, water, or other surface water transportation.

This makes fishing here so rewarding – the fish are cornered into deep bowls created by the negative tide-changing waters. Not only that, but fewer people come out here since it’s harder to access without the proper equipment, making for a much more successful fishing day! No wonder many anglers flock to Crystal River for their fresh catch – nobody does shallow-water fishing quite like here!

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Tips for Shallow Water Fishing

If you’re looking to land some great catches in shallow waters, I recommend a few tips for making sure your bait is hard to resist.

Invest in high-quality light lines. Nothing heavier than a ten lb. braid should be used as this will allow for superior casts and create less vibration in the water to spook off the fish. Decreasing the leader size can also help with increasing stealthiness.

Use lures such as jerk shads or artificial shrimp that may not make as much of a disturbance. These smaller baits are more inviting than topwater lures or paddle tails that can scare away the fish instead of attracting them.

A picture of Crystal River Fishing Charters Top Tips For Sneaking Up On Shallow Water Species

Fishing at dawn and dusk gives anglers a significant advantage. The sun’s low angle means the baitfish have trouble seeing potential predators, so they move up into shallower water. This creates an excellent opportunity for hunters to get close to their quarry without being seen – be sure to stay stealthy while you do it!

Avoid making sudden movements or large paddle strokes; fish can still sense pressure changes through their lateral lines even if they can’t see.

To increase your chances of success further, cast long and accurately – if you stay far away from where the fish are, you reduce the chance of them noticing your presence and scurrying away in panic. Fishing early morning and late evening is a great way to maximize your catch rate!

There is of course always more things that go in to fishing, especially in shallow waters. If you haven’t been yet, the Crystal River Extreme tides are a perfect place to practice your craft. Book a trip with Fl Fishing Adventures and see what it’s all about!

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