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a fisherman on a kayak fishing charter
Get close with nature!

Crystal River Kayak Fishing

For the last 10 years the world’s of kayaking and fishing have merged into a match made in heaven.  The only question I have is what has taken so long?  Many of the most beautiful areas in Florida and along the Nature Coast are only accessible by kayaks and canoes during certain times of the year.  I for one enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors and there is no more quite way to enjoy the outdoors than slowly kayaking through many of the uncharted mangrove forests scattered throughout our area.

“Bringing Mother Nature, the Water, and You Closer Together.”

During certain times of the year when our local tides are less than stellar many of the targeted backcountry creeks and coves can be bone dry, or at best hold a trickle of water.  During these interesting times many of the game fish that are normally targeted in the backcountry areas including Redfish, Speckled Trout, Sheephead, Black Drum and even Snook look for deeper areas to stage in when preparing for the next tide.  When targeting fish in extremely shallow water there is NO rush like watching a huge school of Redfish or Snook push a wake towards your unsuspected presence.  One may even say that it’s Mother Nature’s way of giving you a Heart Attack!!

While kayak fishing the mazes of unspoiled islands scattered throughout the Nature Coast you will find that around every corner can lead to a memorable experience.  From White Pelicans and Bald Eagles flying overhead to the Jumping Mullet and Tailing Redfish, the Nature Coast is home to a “World Class” kayaking experience that cannot be beat anywhere in Florida.

So if you are interested in surrounding yourself with all the beauty the Nature Coast has to offer including birds, dolphins, manatees, raccoons, deer, fox, wild pigs, and tons of fish the Crystal River and Homosassa areas are just the start to another “Beautiful Day in Paradise!”

So during your next outdoor vacation why not consider a memorable paddle along the Nature Coast?