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Quick Facts: Ladyfish

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A fly fisherman on a Crystal river fishing charter

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 by Eric Bonneman

Ladyfish are not quite on the trophy list, but they are an active part of the Florida inshore fisherman’s day, most times of the year. These are aggressive eaters that perform acrobatics when hooked. They are certainly fun to catch.

Scientific Name: Elops saurus

Other Names:

  • Skipjack
  • Ten-Pounder

Color: Silver with Blueish Back

Florida Conventional Tackle Record: 6 lb 4 oz landed in 2005

Florida Fly Tackle Record: 4 lb 1 oz in 2lb Tippet Class IGFA landed in 2005

Max-Length: 36-inches

Lifespan: 6 years

Habitat: Inshore

Migration: Offshore to spawn

Spawn: Fall


  • Baitfish
  • Crustaceans

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