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Quick Facts

Quick Facts: Permit

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a picture of a permit fish caught on a crystal river inshore fishing charter

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Permit is one of the most sought after inshore species in the state of Florida. A member of the Pompano family, Permit are aggressive fighters and can be found seasonally (during fall/winter) in Crystal River. Permit are also one of the most difficult fish to catch.

Scientific Name: Trachinotus falcatus

Other Names:

  • None (often confused with Pompano)

Color: Silverish with yellow tints, bluish-gray to blue-green backs.

Florida Conventional Tackle Record: 50 lb 2 oz landed in 1997

Florida Fly Tackle Record: 41 lb 8oz landed in 1986

Max-Length: 48 inches

Lifespan: 23+ Years

Habitat: Inshore and Offshore.

Migration: Still Under Study

Spawn: Year-round Along the Florida Coast


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