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a picture of someone feeding a tarpon by hand in crystal river
Crystal River on the Water Adventures

Tarpon Feeding, Sunset Boat Rides and More!

Crystal River, Florida is home to warm Gulf waters and spring-fed rivers. This combination creates an oasis of wildlife and beauty nestled amongst Florida’s Nature Coast.

While Florida Fishing Adventures does concentrate on fishing here, we also offer other ways to get you and your family on the water for a day of fun. Scalloping is one of the summer highlights here where warm summer days are net with cool shallow water snorkeling.

During your days on the water here you will find yourself surrounded by pelicans, white ibis’s, ospreys, bald eagles, wild boar, otters, raccoons, tarpon, and everyone’s two favorites, Manatees and Dolphins.

Sunset provides one of the finest opportunities to unwind and soak in the breathtaking surroundings of the area. We offer quiet sunset boat cruises to meet just such a need.

See some of our favorite on the water activities below and click through to learn more about your favorites.

Our main goal is for you to enjoy a great day in Crystal River!


The famous Pete’s Pier is home to some of the BIGGEST Tarpon you will find anywhere in the state. The average Tarpon that we feed at the cleaning table is around 90lbs and we have a few well over 150lbs including one Behemoth that most locals claim is well over 200lbs.


Tarpon Feeding


Enjoy a private sunset river cruise along the beautiful waters of the Crystal River area. We start our cruises approximately 90 minutes before sunset to take a scenic tour of Kings Bay where we can see pelicans, white ibis’s, ospreys, bald eagles, wild boar, otters, racoons, tarpon and everyone’s two favorites, Manatees and Dolphins.


Sunset Cruise


Harvesting Bay Scallops can only be described as the best of both snorkeling and fishing. Can you imagine swimming amongst 100’s fish, turtles, crabs, and most of all, scallops? This is truly a fun opportunity for the whole family to dive right into the outdoors.



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