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Hi my name is Louie Argiro and I am the Owner and Operator of Crystal River Florida Fishing Adventures in Crystal River, Florida. Through the many years of frequenting the area I have become experienced in the waters of Crystal River, Ozello, and Homosassa.

Since I have l grown up on the water and experienced the great adventures that can be had here, my longing to share these experiences with my clients has brought me to become a Crystal River Fishing Guide.

Whether we are in the backcountry creeks and coves that are shaped by the millions of mangrove islands, to the endless expanse of flats and potholes, to all the open water in between I will use my vast knowledge of the area to give you the most productive and enjoyable day possible.

My fishing career all started around the time I learned to walk. I began that journey to the south of Crystal River in Tampa, where I learned the ins and outs of the fishing world and ultimately where my true passion for light tackle fishing took flight.

Throughout the years I have traveled, lived, and fished in many different places from Alaska, to Saskatchewan of western Canada, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My time in the Outer Banks will be an experience that is known as the starting point for my real fishing career.

I began fishing the beaches and Piers of this area which led me to become a full-time mate. With my many years of working under a true Legend of the Outer Banks, Devin Cage, Captain of the Sport Fishing vessel, Poacher. I learned more about the fishing world than one could ever even explain.

Throughout these years of fishing, the experience and knowledge that I have attained are put into every day on the water here in Crystal River as a guide.

a picture of a local crystal river fishing guide
a picture of a redfish caught in Crystal river

Since attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering I knew that this profession would not be able to mask my love for the water. After making this decision, the next step was to acquire my Coast Guards Captain’s License which has pointed me in the successful direction that I am running in today.

At the young age of 23, I promise to bring an enthusiastic and intelligent set of skills to your guided fishing adventure. I have the patience and knowledge to work with the most inexperienced angler to the most avid angler and from the young to the, let’s say, more seasoned anglers, including everyone in between.

With the substantial amount of time that I spend on the water every year I have been able to study the patterns and movements of the fish that inhabit our crystal-clear waters.

My clients can expect to fish for nearly 20 different species every single day of the year here in Crystal River. My specialties include Sight Fishing for the Florida Famous Redfish, Tarpon, Tripletail, and Cobia, Casting lures for trout, plugging for grouper, setting live and cut baits out for Sharks, throwing crabs for Black Drum, and anything that makes the drag produce that sound that we all love so much.

Every day that I get to experience on the water as a Crystal River Fishing Guide is an Adventure and is one that has a true place etched in my heart. Since I was a young boy I can remember daydreaming of the time that I would be able to become a Professional Fishing Guide and seeing those dreams come true has been one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life.

I bring an extremely passionate outlook on my guiding career and I believe that is the reason for my success. I hope that I can make your adventure a memorable one that can be shared for years and years to come.