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Crystal River Fishing Reports


By August 3, 2020August 23rd, 2020No Comments

Last Updated on August 23, 2020 by Capt. Louie

Hello All,

Since we all had such a warm February and a windy March our fishes internal schedules are thrown all out of whack. The great news is that the weather has finally started to even out and our water temperatures have stabilized to give us some great fishing opportunities. My anglers have been finding that since our temperatures have rose so have the amount of species we have been able target on a daily basis. In the past weeks we have been targeting nearly 10 different species in a single day. From the usual Trout, Snook, and Redfish to the Spanish mackerel, triple tail, cobia, black drum and pompano. I for one am just happy to not be cold anymore!!!

Our trout fishing on the grass flats just outside our beautiful mangrove forests has been off the charts as the large fish have been moving in from offshore. From throwing slow sinking MirrOdines, to Lil’ Johns, to Berkley Gulp soft plastics, all these tactics have been working to catch the beautiful Speckled Trout that the Nature Coast is known for.

As for the Triple Tail they have showed up overnight in large numbers. Running the buoys outside of Crystal River is such a rush never knowing if there is going to be that 20”er hanging on the backside of the next buoy in line. My anglers have had success throwing live shrimp to these interesting looking fish. Letting that shrimp drift just past their noses has been the best plan of attack. When you see them come off that bouy or grass patch…. HOLD ON!!

Our Redfishing has continued to prove itself day in and day out as my clients love to see these large schools feeding on everything in their paths. Once we have been getting our schools fired up the tactic of immediately putting more baits in that area they are roaming has shown to be the best way to get the double and triple headers that we all dream about. Fishing around points and mullet schools near the outer islands has been the best areas to target these hard fighting beasts. Live shrimp, cut mullet, and cut pinfish have been the bait of choice.

As for the future, lets not forget about SCALLOPING SEASON coming up in JULY!!!! Our 2019 Scalloping season starts on July 1st and ends on September 25th. I am working with local VRBO’s this year, meaning we will have package deals available that can be worked around your trip schedules. Be sure to get in contact with me soon so that we can Confirm your adventure.

But… Before we get to the hot heat of summer our fishing is going to continue to get better and better the more the water warms. I have some availability in April but dates are starting to fill up so be sure to get your own before you miss out. I hope everyone is having a great spring so far and remember that no matter how Cold and miserable it can be up North, we are most likely down here in Beautiful Sunny Florida in our flip flops and shorts enjoying the WARM WEATHER!!

Capt. Louie

Captain, Owner, and Fishing Guide At Florida Fishing Adventures in Crystal River, Florida.

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