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Crystal River Fishing Reports

Crystal River July Fishing And Scalloping Report

By August 3, 2020August 23rd, 2020No Comments

Last Updated on August 23, 2020 by Capt. Louie

This month we have switched gears to the inshore side of Crystal River. We have been running a lot of scalloping trips which are great for the whole family and the best part is we can even fit some fishing into these trips to give everyone a great experience. Because we are primarily fishing for Redfish this time of year the location sets up perfectly to be able to fish for the good part of the incoming or outgoing tide and then scalloping when the tide is lower. We have seen that the redfish are starting to stage to make their spawning route to deeper water. This creates large schools of Redfish in our mangrove islands and many creeks alike. A rule of thumb is always the cooler the water, the further east the fish are going to be. With all the rain we have been having, that will cool the water down considerably. Hence, why we have been seeing more and more redfish in the creek mouths instead of the outer islands. The use of cut mullet or live pinfish under a cork has been giving us the best results. The major key is moving water, without that it is extremely hard to convince these fish to bite. Focus on rocky shore lines with perpendicular water flow to get the bite you are looking for, and as always fish in the mullet schools.

On a recent trip, I was lucky enough to take a fellow member Fishing and Scalloping. Mr. George and I tossed shrimp into the outgoing tide points to catch a lot of juvenile redfish and a very respectable 25 incher. Once the water heated up that morning we switched over to scalloping and after the long run we made we were rewarded. Although our catch did not represent the mass of scallops that were around the boat, they were there… Trust me. Im looking forward to my next trip with George where we might target some shallow water grouper!!!

The scalloping this season has shown to be really good for the ones who know where to go and find them. Personally I have been making long runs to be able to fill my clients bags which is putting smiles on their faces. Although this is not a typical scallop season, don’t be discouraged. I tell all my clients to take their time, swim slow, really analyze in between the grass. That has been working for a lot. A lot of the guides who have been doing this for a long time have said that this year is going to be a late scallop season. Meaning the majority of the scallops will move in closer to shore the later the year gets and that seems to be what is happening. Scallop on the low tides and keep your head down, they’re right under you.

As for the offshore fishing, we have been making a few trips in between our Inshore and Scallop Trips and they have been producing nice catches of Gag Grouper, Grunts, Hogfish, and ofcouse this time of year we are seeing more and more Goliath Grouper. On some recent trips we have been starting slow by catching grunts and hogfish on shrimp to get the rock pile livened up and then dropping a large Pinfish down to get that grouper bite. Gag Grouper that is, the goliaths don’t tend to have much else on their rock except themselves. Although these giants may seem to be beautiful in that “face only a mother could love” way, but they are in fact eating the same groupers you are wanting to eat. Once we land one of the goliaths we usually get a good picture, turn him loose, then run back to the rock to catch the remaining gags that we can. I’m looking forward to cooler weather and more Grouper fishing in the coming months. My Fall is starting to book up quickly and if you are looking to get on some Shallow Water Grouper action be sure to visit my website and book your trip. As soon as we get our first cold front is when the real action will start. I have posted the link below to my Shallow Water Grouper Page, go check out what its all about.

As Always, if you’ve been fishing with me in the past leave me a good review. This business runs on reviews and I’d love to hear of the great experiences you have had fishing with me here in Crystal River, Florida.

Capt. Louie

Captain, Owner, and Fishing Guide At Florida Fishing Adventures in Crystal River, Florida.

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