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So much to see and do.

Tarpon Feeding

After a great day of fishing and a beautiful ride back in through the Crystal River what else is left to do other than clean your catch? Although our fishing may be over for the day, the show must continue!!! Here along the Crystal River we have a number of year round resident Tarpon that have all staked claim to a particular cleaning table here along the River.

The famous Pete’s Pier is home to some of the BIGGEST Tarpon you will find anywhere in the state. The average Tarpon that we feed at the cleaning table is around 90lbs and we have a few well over 150lbs including one Behemoth that most locals claim is well over 200lbs(Keep in mind our area is home to the only Tarpon ever caught on fly that is over 200lbs).

Here are a few videos to watch with your guests or family to get them of all things excited about the end of the day. Or even better watch the videos and then surprises your guests or loved ones after the trip with the Surprise of a Lifetime!!!!