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Speckled Trout and Redfish is whats for dinner tonight!

Checkout Ralph showing off a nice pair of Crystal River Redfish.

Jim is showing off a beautiful over slot Redfish that was released to fight another day.

One nice multi spot Redfish ready for its release.

Marsha got our day going by landing this nice Crystal River Redfish.

Redfish Double Header.

Fresh fish dinner coming up!!

Izzy showing off his first ever Redfish.

Preston showing off a nice backcountry Redfish.

Preston Hooked Up!!

Now this is a sight!! Loving the dolphins in the backcountry.

Digging the Tails in the backcountry.

Another nice sight fished backcountry Redfish.

Fish on!!!!!!!

Frank showing of our first Redfish of the morning.

WOW!! Now this is a STUD of a Nature Coast Redfish. Released to Fight Another Day!!

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