Scallop Season runs from the First Saturday before July 4th, thru September 24th

Scallop season is an event that is marked on everyone’s calendar up and down the Gulf Coast of Florida. Harvesting Bay Scallops can only be described as the best of both snorkeling and fishing. Can you imagine swimming amongst 100’s fish, turtles, crabs and most of all, scallops? This is truly a fun opportunity for the whole family to dive right in to the outdoors.

“Scallop season is one of the most exciting
events along the Gulf Coast of Florida”

Scallops are normally found in water ranging from 2-7 feet making this a great way to get the entire family involved into the action. The idea of the harvest is to scan the tops and bottoms of many of the grasses on the targeted flats in search of the traditional “Shell Gas Station” shell. The first thing you may notice when you spot your scallop is that they are loaded with blue eyes. You’ll then notice that the Scallop has 2 different colored sides to their shell. The white side is normally blending in with the white sand on the bottom and the brown portion of their shell does a great job of blending in with most grasses.

Once you have found your Scallop you just simply swim down and pick them right up off the bottom and put them in your mesh bag. The trick of Scalloping is that normally when you have found one there can be as many as 30+ all scattered around the same general area.

So when the summer heat wave kicks in think about hoping in the water and giving Scalloping a try.

Scalloping Rates

Plan 1: Regular Scallop Trips includes back and forth transportation to the scalloping grounds, coolers w/ice, and a discounted room rate at the Best Western Resort right on the Crystal River.

Passengers 4 Hours 6 Hours
up to 2 people $300 $350
up to 4 people $350 $400
up to 6 people $400 $450

Plan 2: VIP Scallop Trip (our most popular): These 7 hour trips are our featured trip for all of our scalloping guests. We pick you up in a Customized Pontoon, Skiff or Deck boat full of waters, shade and even great tunes. The short drive out to the scallop grounds provides all guests with a true Rest and Relaxation experience through the beautiful mangrove forests scattered throughout the Crystal River. And to cap everything off at the end of the day once we are finished scalloping, I take you back into the 72 degree year round Three Sister Springs (world famous diving destination) to cool off. Life is Good.

Passengers 7 Hours
up to 2 people $400
up to 4 people $450
up to 6 people $500

Plan 3: 1/2 Day Fishing & 1/2 Day Scalloping. Another fan favorite, this trip is exactly as advertised. We chase Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Snapper and Grouper before splashing into the Gulf for a few scallops to add for dinner.

Anglers Half & Half
up to 2 anglers $450
up to 3 anglers $500
up to 4 anglers $550

Additional Information

Please be advised that all Scallopers will be responsible for their:

Mask, Fin and Snorkel Rentals: $7 from the Crystal Lodge Dive Shop or up to $20 from the Plantation Inn Dive Shop.

Scallop Cleaning @ the Best Western $30 per 5 gallon bucket. $30 per 5 gallon bucket at Plantation.

Looking for a place to Stay? Give me a call and I will get you set up at a great place to stay where you can be picked up in your very own backyard. Whether it be at Twin Rivers Marina, The Kings Bay Lodge, The Plantation, The Best Western, or The beautiful Sawgrass Landing Condos, I will make sure to accommodate to your every need. Need Dinner Reservations? Need transportation? Need lunch for your day on the boat? We have you covered so that all you have to do is sit back and relax.

15% Discounted Room Rates at the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn located in Crystal River if you book a trip with Florida Fishing Adventures