Report Date: February 26, 2020

Hello All,

We are very thankful for the “winter” weather that we have been having this year. With just a few small cold fronts in the past few weeks we have seen the winter trends start to come in to full swing. This time of year we are thankful that the larger redfish like to hangout in the confines of the mangrove forests that surround Crystal River. Although these areas are not always accessible due to extremely low winter tides, when they are they can be extremely productive. We have found that these fish have been biting better on an outgoing tide due to the warmer water firing those fish up to feed. During this exiting water we are creeping through the mangroves looking for groups of redfish soaking in the sun, a well executed cast that is close enough that the fish sees the bait but not too close that it spooks the fish, has made for some exiting bites in the mangroves.

As for the trout fishing that we all love, we have been finding them on the shallow flats that have some deeper pockets throughout them. On warm days those fish are more mobile and will move throughout the flats as the day goes on to stay in the warmest areas possible. When the weather is cloudy and cold these trout can be found in those deeper area, usually a lot of fish in a small area. This can make for quick catching and a box full of fish in no time. Of course that is what we all look forward too.

The big target that we have been after lately has been the sheepshead. As the water temperature decreases they move onto the shallow rock piles that litter our foul area, making them an easy target when the wind is manageable. The best part about this type of fishing is how easy it can be for all ages. A well placed cast next to the big black rock in front of the boat is a great place for a good sheepshead bite to occur. The bite can be subtle at first but once that rod bends over you’ve got him on.

With March fast approaching we are looking forward to consistent warm weather and great fishing. I myself am very excited for the triple tail to show up as this is some of my favorite fishing. My march is starting to book up quickly so if you are having family come into town for spring break give me a call to give them the full nature coast experience.


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