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Beautiful Bronze Redfish ready for its release.

Pat is hooked up with a nice backcountry Redfish.

Tim and Dave showing off their bag limit of Redfish and Speckled Trout.

Checkout this nice mixed bag of Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Black Drum. Life is Good!

Another great trip spent with Mark and Jesse Best!

Avery Ocean Messier taking after her daddy. #Docklife

Thank you to Dave Carter & Associates for spending a great day with myself and the great guides of Florida Fishing Adventures. My Happy Crew.

Nancy Allen showing off a pig of a Nature Coast Snook.

Shawn made the trip down from Wisconsin and was rewarded with great weather and a Nature Coast Grand Slam that included this 30lb Cobia.

Checkout this massive Nature Coast Snook that was landed and released today using a DOA Jerkbait.

Bonita Feeding Frenzies starting to heat up!

Shawn showing off his first and largest Nature Coast Redfish.

Speckled Trout hook up.

Nancy showing off one of her 4 overesized Redfish ready for its release.

Checkout Carson with his family Stacey and Kevin digging the Awesome Nature Coast Redfish Action!! Life is Good!!

Hunter showing off one of the 25+ oversized Redfish that we landed today.

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