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Checkout William's Happy Birthday Redfish.

A family that Redfishes together smiles together!!!

WOW! Checkout this 35" and 32" Redfish that started our morning off!!

Another great day of backcountry Redfishing with my long time customer Steve Ehrhart.

Team Wingate made the trip down from Jacksonville and the reward was a great bounty of Scallops!

14yr old Drake showing off his 31" Crystal River Redfish!

Austin was all smiles after landing his personal best Redfish! At 28" this was a memorable catch on light tackle.

Mike and Thomas showing off the end result of their Redfish Double Header.

Check out my crew from the UK that came and enjoyed a great day of fishing and scalloping! Talk about a great vacation.

Mangrove Snapper are a Summer special.

One nice Crystal River Tripletail.

Talk about a nice Gator Trout!

Brianna showing offer first and largest Redfish to date.

Checkout Joe showing off his nice 34" Crystal River Redfish.

Check out Dennis's nice 31" Redfish ready for its release.

Dennis hooked up with a large Crystal River Redfish.

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